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The client was a middle aged married woman, a dispensing chemist, who had suffered from eczema, since early childhood.  She also presented with hay fever, slight asthma and arthritis. Her main complaint was of the eczema, which was at the same time disfiguring and painful. She felt compelled to scratch her skin (almost her whole body was affected) though this gave no real relief and resulted in sores and weals on all parts of her body that she could reach to scratch.  The itching kept her awake at night, and she laid awake in bed scratching making matters worse.


She had been on a number of different allopathic drugs for all her life but none had provided relief.  The level of eczema varied from time to time over a long time scale, but she could never remember ever being clear of it.


The client had presented for homoeopathy, as she had read in professional journals of the success homoeopathy sometimes had in treating eczema when conventional therapy had failed.


After taking the case Natrum muriaticum at 30C potency was prescribed.


The case went well and, after a week, the client reported that the itching had stopped and she felt ‘great’.  Unfortunately, the cure did not hold and after a further week the client reported a full return of all the symptoms and a great depression.  The depression was probably caused by the return of the symptoms she had thought she had seen the last of, but further dosage with Naturum muriaticum failed to help the case further


The depression deepened and after a day of tears and violent scratching the client rang for an emergency appointment and was given one that day.


The homeopathic line to take was clear, but need not concern us here. It would not have offered a relief to the scratching in the short term, and it was an immediate relief of the itch/scratch/itch cycle that the client wanted.  The solution seemed to be EFT, but had EFT ever cleared eczema? The therapist did not know.  Mindful of Gary Craig’s advice to “Try it on everything”, the EFT therapy line was selected.


The obvious ‘problem’ to address was the itch, rather than the eczema, and with this in mind the therapist discussed the problem aspects with the client, but it was soon clear that client understood the problem as the ‘urge to scratch’ rather than the itch itself. Just two different sides of the same coin (or the same cycle in this case), but as ever the Set Up Statement must be in the words of the client (not what the therapist feels it should be) so the Set Up Statement was :-


“Even though I have this terrible urge to scratch, I fully and deeply accept myself”




The initial suds reading was 8 and, following the set up a round of tapping was made on the face points only.  This produced an immediate drop in SUDs to 4 (and a very surprised client!)  A further round of tapping them took place - this time using face and hand points and the SUDs fell to 0.


The therapist then asked the Client to try a little scratch, but the client politely declined. When asked why she said that scratching hurt her and that she did not need to scratch as the itching had gone away.  The client burst out laughing, had a short cry, and then left the clinic giggling to herself.


Can EFT ‘cure’ eczema?  We do not know but it can stop the itching and hence the itch/scratch/itch cycle.  With the itch removed eczema is of little import, and with the scratching removed the skin will not become infected allowing the sores and weals to heal naturally.  


A telephone contact after a month confirmed that the tapping had held and that there was no eczema and no itching, and a further contact after two months confirmed the client had remained healthy with no re-occurrence of the problems. EFT is an invaluable healing modality for helping people deal with the

immediate or near immediate aftermath of a traumatic event 




The farms of the United Kingdom periodically suffer outbreaks of Foot & Mouth Disease.  The usual reaction is to cull all animals with the disease and those of neighbouring farms in an effort to control the spread of the infection.  Farmers are given monetary compensation, but nothing can compensate for the loss of valuable breeding stock.


During one such outbreak I was approached for advice from a farmer in Carlisle, England.  A lot of the farms in the area had suffered from an outbreak of the disease and all their stock had been culled.  The farm in question had a valuable herd of pedigree cows and the farmer was afraid he would loose his valuable bloodline


We discussed the possibility of using a homeopathic protection for the herd and I suggested dosing them with the homeopathic remedy Borax.  The farmer did not have access to sufficient Homeopathic Borax in a suitable form to treat his herd so I provided some and explained how it could be used.


Happily, his stock were not affected although all the farms about except his had their cattle and sheep culled.


A letter of appreciation is included in the “Testimonial” section of this site


Chest Consultant recommended this 50-year-old male client to me for his phobic response to his breathing problems


This client was referred to me from a local hospital in 2001.  As I had only been using EFT for around 2 years he expected hypnosis because his consultant knew this was what I did.


When I endeavored to explore early memories with him using hypnosis we hit a brick wall.  After introducing EFT with him we started to tap on the current tightness across his chest, the fear of a recent hospital experience related to his asthma and his fear of not getting help another time.  When we started to tap together he described this tightness as an 8 SUD’s level as tight constriction.  After two rounds of tapping his tightness increased to a 9 as he begun to relate to me his most recent experience of being taken by ambulance to hospital.  Whilst he talked we did continuous tapping for another two rounds.  He was then able to take a deeper breath and was visibly calmer. 


When he was ready to continue what we were doing together he described to me what he called a 6 heavy weight on his chest. We tapped on this 6 heavy weight on his chest and then when I noticed his breathing was easier I asked him what this weight reminded him of.  After thinking for a while whilst he still continued to tap he recalled what had happened to him as a little boy of around 5 years old.  As he described this he continued to follow my tapping procedure on himself for 3 more rounds.  Then, he took an even deeper breath as he described his childhood experience of playing amongst the hay bales as a little boy.   At this point he once again showed signs of distress so I tapped on him as he managed with difficulty to continue to tell me his story of how on this day of playing in the camping field with his cousins he was rushed to the local doctor who lived in the village where his family were camping.  Fortunately for him it seems that this doctor was calm and reassuring to him. 


Apparently it seemed from his recall that it was then many years before any chest problems showed up.  However, as soon as I noticed any changes in his breathing we began to tap on whatever was happening for him each moment until we reached one of his most recent emotionally spiked events, which appeared to have awakened all his childhood fears all over again.  This event was during a flight when he had felt hot and really anxious during the flight and at that time he was given oxygen because it was so bad. When the attendant was helping him with the oxygen mask he said to him.  “Don’t you carry a personal drug dispenser for your asthma problems”.  We tapped and used that persons words and whatever those words meant to him at that particular time.  That experience had troubled him a lot at the time so much so that he had visited his own doctor when he returned home. He mentioned to him what had happened to him during the flight and what the flight attendant had said about him being able to medicate himself.  This doctor prescribed him something he could use when he experienced tightness.  He carried this around with all of the time with him and became frightened if he couldn’t find it.  He described to me another couple of additional emergency he had had since they had also been stressful. It was these additional emergencies, which took him into hospital again for further tests. Although he was still a little anxious now it was no longer affecting his breathing. Throughout him telling me the story of what had been happening each time I noticed any intensity we stopped to do some specific tapping on his words, his feelings, images and sensations and what they meant to him.


Before he left I asked him to go inside and revisit each separate event one step at a time making it as real as he could and to notice if there was still any part of it that troubled him.  This I said is very important because there may be something we have missed and it will give us another opportunity to do some more tapping to bring him complete freedom from these past events.

Interestingly enough after doing this and by the end of his appointment he recalled what the kindly village doctor had said to him at the time of his first trauma.  As he told me what he said he smiled and said now I know he was right. These were the doctor’s words.  “You are going to be ok now little man, the reason why you had problems with your breathing was because of all the dust and bits which got into your lungs this made you hot because you coughed so much you will be perfectly ok now” I know now he was right all alone because each time I am hot it has triggered me because that hot feeling reminded me of that day it was so hard to breathe and then the flight reminded me of that feeling and so on.  I now know I haven’t got asthma I just get scared when I get hot.  If ever I get hot now, I can reassure myself with my inner conversation and do some tapping if I need to.


I never saw this guy again although afterwards, I received many referrals from his chest consultant.   


An unconscious phobic reason why it is not safe to sleep.


“Mary, I hear you are good at helping people to sleep.  Can you help me?”  This is a question that we as therapists are frequently asked; it is part of our everyday experience. Unfortunately it is often part of an everyday experience for those who come to see us too.  This lady we will call her Sarah had been experiencing poor sleep for over seventeen year.


On the phone, I asked her, if there was any reason why her mind felt that it was not safe to sleep.  She said, “When you see me you will know why”.  We booked an appointment and I looked forward to meeting her.


During the first session she talked about all of the routes she had already taken to help herself which unfortunately had had limited benefit.  After listening to what she wanted to say I reminded her of what she had said to me on the ‘phone and she told me why she thought her mind felt it was not safe to sleep.


The interesting, sad or strange part about the whole process was that no one had asked her this question before.  Sarah said that immediately I asked her she realized why her mind and body was too scared to sleep.  When Sarah was 13 she had unfortunately found her Mother dead - sadly she had committed suicide.  Her Mother and Father had separated a short time before she died, and she realized she still blamed her Father for her Mother’s death.


She worked with her Father in a family business and they were civil on the surface but underneath these feelings were a seething mass of unresolved emotions. During hypnosis we worked on the pain, the fright and loss of her Mother as well as the emotions of anger with both of her parents.  This process significantly improved her relationship with her Father and stepmother.  Sarah also reported improvements right across the board with all aspects of her life.  The exception to these improvements was, she still was not sleeping.  However, she was very happy with feeling so much better so she wanted to continue with further treatment.


At this point, I felt it would be helpful to explore hidden information so far not conscious by using the energy therapy called Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) I have found over the years that using EFT at a time when hypnotic regression had not giving the necessary insight, frequently helped.  We worded the set up statement in such a way as to obtain new or unconscious information.  This statement was “Even though I don’t know why I’m not sleeping at night I completely accept myself” Whilst saying this phrase Sarah and I both rubbed the sore spot and repeated the phrase three times.  Then, on alternate acupoints two reminder phrases were used which were “I don’t know why I don’t sleep”,   “I don’t know why its not safe for me to sleep” and so on throughout the whole basic recipe.


After doing one round she said, “I’ve remember something.  I don’t know why I didn’t tell you before although I have never told anyone else about it either.   When I was around ten or eleven, I had a dream.  In fact I had several dreams, maybe you could call them premonitions.  In these dreams I saw my Mother dead, (just as I had found her the day she died) and then I would wake up.  I never told my Mother about this dream but it obviously worried me.  Now I realized whilst I was doing EFT why my insomnia is so bad. At the moment I  only asleep long enough to take the edge off my tiredness but perhaps not long enough to dream. I believe now that I’m worried that if I dream about my children that I may dream of something frightening about them or something I don’t want to see.”


EFT was then the ideal therapy to use on these understandable unbearable motherly fears.  No wonder her mind and body had been hypervigalent for so long following her premonitions and the death of her Mother.   During several rounds of EFT we helped to minimize the understandable fears of dreams of possible loss of her children and the worry of bad things happening to them.  The EFT process helped to reduce the intensity of the emotion to a more acceptable level.  The likely benefit of doing this would be to create peace and confidence in her mind and help her body to relax and sleep.   We also used EFT on the irrational feelings of guilt and of the feelings of being responsible somehow for her Mother’s death. 


Following this session of therapy Sarah’s face was so peaceful and relaxed.  She said she genuinely felt it was now safe for her to sleep she realized that in no way was she responsible for the death of her Mother.  She left with an appointment booked for three weeks time and a suggestion of ringing me and postponing or cancelling her appointment when our work was complete.  In less than a week Sarah rang me to say she could not remember sleeping as well as she had done during the past week.  The only reason she did not ring earlier was that she found it hard to believe that it had resolved itself so easily.




A distraught lady rang wanting help with her tinnitus


This lady rang and was very distressed her doctor had told her that there was nothing he could do to help her with the sounds in her head.  He recommended a hearing rehabilitation clinic to help her to learn to live with it.  She told me that she could not possibly learn to live with it because it was so intrusive especially when she tried to relax or sleep at night. 


I was very interested to find out what may have been happening just before she had this problem.  She said she had been absolutely fine no problems at all apparently she had left her husband and it was the best thing she could have done.  She now felt happier than she had for many years.  I asked her if there was any downside to her separation she seemed puzzled by this rather strange question given that she felt much happier away from her husband.  On reflection she admitted that she was missing her son he felt that she should not have left his father.  I asked her if this feeling of missing her son reminded her of anything.  She said yes it did, it reminded her of the arguments her mum and dad had had over custody of her when they separated.


Apparently she had wanted to stay with her Dad and was not allowed to.  She still felt the emptiness some 40 years later.  I asked her what did she miss the most about not seeing her dad when she was little.  She said he spent time with her and although all of that is now behind her as their relationship was wonderful now, she could still experience the loss and now the loss of her son had brought it all flooding back to her.


It was very important for her to express her sadness of loosing dad as a little girl and now the loss of loosing her son. At the time of her mum and dads separation she had been unable to acknowledge how she felt as doing that risked upsetting her mum.  She held all those emotions inside and she felt very alone in her own world where no one seemed to understand her.   Now all those feelings had been triggered again as well as the memories of doors banging and them arguing over her. 


That auditory trauma may well have been a factor in her now experiencing tinnitus.  At the time of her parent’s separation she just wanted peace and she so wanted to shut out the pain of the parents that she loved, being unkind to each other.  I asked her to recall a time when she felt at peace. Perhaps a time she could use as an anchor for her now during this time of similar stress.  She laughed when she told me what she really loved doing with her Dad at the weekends. 


She described a memory of watching motorway construction and also of building sites came to mind.  She found it was funny because here she was distressed and finding tinnitus invasive and yet as a little girl she was enthralled by the sight and sounds of road or buildings being created.  She remembered at the time she became lost in this world of architecture and structural engineering.


It occurred to her and to me at about the same time that we could perhaps use these pleasurable memories to help her to relax and let go of the tension which surrounded the sounds in her head.  During guided imagery that is exactly what we did together and at the end of a light hypnosis session she was convinced that this ability from childhood would be a way out of her vicious cycle of frustration about her tinnitus.


Early the very next day she rang me to say that she had been able to sleep surprisingly well and during breakfast she felt relaxed and happy.  Those feelings continued on and off for most of the next week. When she came for her second appointment she said she had found that imagining observing motorway construction or building works was always able to provide her with a break whenever she noticed she was becoming tense or the sounds were getting to her.


As unfortunately, tension seemed to make it louder and her worry of it getting louder intensified the sounds.   Over a period of time she courageously continued to persevere with her own imagery which also included sounds and pleasant feelings just as she had felt them years ago.   When her son visited her she found herself talking to him about his grandfather and how she really loved being with him when she was young.  She described to him how he frequently took her to watch Motorway roads and buildings developing from one weekend to the next.


Interestingly enough she told me that this fairly easy conversation became a bridge on which to build from their rather fragile relationship into a better more secure level. Knowing that increased her peace of mind because she remembered how she had been able to heal the fragments of her relationship with her own father as a girl and she now hoped that this could happen in time with her own son again.


As we worked on each puzzle piece which related to stress this allowed the sounds of tinnitus to take a back seat. She frequently reported that she was now able to get on with her life and experience more positive expectancy for each new day and her future in all aspects of her life.

On her last visit she reported that she was sleeping well, her stomach was more settled and that her tinnitus was often non-existent.  When she was aware of the sounds she used them as a barometer, which provided her with more awareness of her state of mind and body.  This made it easy to nip things in the bud when she was getting into negative thought patterns.


This client continued to use self-hypnosis imagery and connecting to positive feelings and memorable enjoyable sounds.  She discovered that taking time for some relaxing breath work led her into quiet and blissful meditations, which nourished her heart and soul.  She reported that she appreciated the learning from these experiences, which had also enriched her life.






Fertility treatment is complex and often involves working with a group of health care professionals to discover what may be going on.  The conventional specialists refer clients to me to help with possible emotional components of infertility. 

Ann (not her real name) was one such client.  She and her husband had been receiving many forms of fertility treatment without noticeable  results.  They were both feeling very stressed because it was not only costly financially but also emotionally.   It was beginning  to jeopardise their relationship.

I asked Ann,  the following question “If you guessed at a reason why this may be happening – however illogical it seems ,what would you say?” (This is a question I often use).   Ann replied, as many do, almost immediately.  The answer appeared to come to her unexpectedly and spontaneously from her unconscious.   She said “I don’t believe that I will ever conceive because I have many feelings of shame surrounding becoming pregnant”.   Logically she knew that wasn’t  necessarily true.   However,  because the unconscious mind was running the show,  not conceiving was what was true at this point in time.  Our first sessions of therapy focused on using EFT to work on core issues surrounding this shame.  

Ann believed that this belief was the major block to her ability to conceive.  After freeing her of these limiting beliefs  we could have felt at this point that it was a done deal.    However, I always remember what Gary suggests and that is to undersell and over deliver.  The following sessions of EFT with Ann included aiming EFT at the future as well as reconnecting to her inner wisdom before her trauma.  Here are some of the set up statements which we used here.

“Even though I know it was natural for me to conceive before my trauma, I deeply and completely welcome a reconnection now to my birthright during our loving oneness together”.

“I deeply and completely honour my body’s patience in allowing my mind to become ready to accept and nurture, so safely and completely, our baby within” 

“Even though I don’t know consciously how, I do trust the inner wisdom of my mind and body to naturally do what it needs to do to welcome and cherish our loved baby”

In addition to using set up statements and reminder phrases I frequently encourage my clients to visualise their dreams and to include  wonderful feelings and senses and to tap whilst doing this.

Doing EFT whilst in a positive day dreaming state picks up any unspoken fears as well as enhances the joyful positive expectancy of receiving. 

In another case Di and Jim (not their real names) were a couple who had been recommended to come to me by a fertility clinic some four hours journey away.  They arranged to stop over in our clinic and home and have intensive therapy over a three day period.  When we do this deep healing we close the clinic to other clients so that Tam, I and any other therapists needed can work together for the benefit of these  ‘in-house’ clients.  Our approach is very informal for it is our intention to provide a safe haven.  We wish for anyone staying with us to experience safety, healing and peace of mind and body.  During our introductions,  Di told us that she had a somewhat reduced chance of conceiving due to the fact that she had had one of her ovaries removed in her early 20s. 

The fertility clinic had assured Di, during assessment three years ago that despite this they were very optimistic that she would conceive naturally. During the last three years of trying for a baby with nothing happening they now felt concerned that their time clock was ticking. They had once again returned to the fertility clinic for reassurance and guidance.  They ran further tests,  these provided reassurance that all was physically well.   It was then that they recommended  that Jim & Di sort emotional help with their ‘in house’ counsellor.  It was the counsellor who suggested that they contacted us for therapy.

Even though Jim & Di  came together, after our introduction she asked  if I would talk to her on her own first of all.  Jim talked and did EFT with Tam whilst Di and I spent sometime alone together.   During our conversation she confessed that she had become drunk one night at a club and the following day as a precaution she had taken the morning after pill.  Five years later she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer Di said that from that day until this one she had always blamed herself for getting the cancer because of her recklessness. 

During the time that Di told her story we continuously tapped on her distressing emotions.   Afterwards she explained why she needed to discuss this with me on my own because Jim had always said “You were only young Di doing what teenagers do – give yourself a break”.  It wasn’t that Jim belittled what had happened but intuitively Di knew that this guilt appeared to be a stumbling block to her conceiving.  She said, “I don’t believe that I  deserve to be a mother.”  For a short while we took the edge off these distressing emotions.  Then,  the four of us took a pleasant leisurely lunch break together in a nearby beautiful garden restaurant.

We intentionally take time out to break state this enhances the integration and consolidation of the positive cognitive shifts.   These well chosen breaks provide a great way of connecting to the here and now as well as enjoying a deliciously light lunch.  Tam and I both feel that this whole process is particularly healing and centering. 

After our relaxing lunch break a considerable amount of EFT tapping was done with both Di & Jim on their painful emotions and limiting beliefs until Di said she felt truly ready to welcome their baby and be a loving mother. 

During the second morning Di & Jim enjoyed time alone and a walk in Tickhill village where we live and have our clinic.  After lunch they took time out to prepare set up statements that related to exactly what they were wanting.  I have included some of their set up phrases that we used.  These were phrases which really resonated for Jim & Di and they were created during their quiet time together after lunch. 

“Even though Jim was OK with what had happened and I wasn’t until now we deeply and completely respect one anothers individual needs”

“Even though we don’t consciously know how conception happens we now both totally believe in our body’s ability to bond my egg and Jim’s sperm perfectly together because we are at one in our love”.

“Even though we have waited for many years, we are now experiencing positive expectancy, happy in the knowledge we can be welcoming this baby into our lives with so much love”.

Receiving this love into our lives

Allowing our bond of love to conceive this little one

On our third day Di and Jim wanted support and guidance to follow up and strengthen what they had already done with some positive imagery, using their words and making connections to their already great feelings.  I have found that when clients use their words to plan and dream their dreams they really connect to their inner wisdom then, their vital force flows freely.    Di wanted to enjoy her feelings as well as to picture her body healing completely and her ovary brimming full of energy and vitality and ovulating naturally. Whilst Di did this Jim gently tapped Di through the EFT sequence over and over again.  There was tremendous energy, emotional excitement and joy flowing after this magical tapping procedure.   They both reported their positive imagery and liberating feelings as we took time for a break together. 

After our lunch break I asked them if they felt it would be helpful to build on this imagery and good feelings as well as tapping along the way.  They were both very enthusiastic about continuing this whilst they were in this wonderful state of flow.  I took Jim & Di through an imaginary experience of truly loving oneness with beautiful synchronised orgasms thrilling their body, mind and spirits.  As they enjoyed the afterglow of imagined love in action I continued to guide them through their perception of the joy of conception and a strong healthy egg softly and comfortably embedding safely in exactly the right place for their baby to grow.  During the time of their beautiful experience I added suggestions of continued benefits from their earlier EFT tapping routine and of continuing to do this on their return home. 

This is only my view of three wonderful days with other healers together providing a safe and healing space.  We all felt truly grateful to be happily gathered for the abundance of healing and we felt so much love flowing.  

We discussed the power of their dreams, connecting to feelings and having a positive focus.  They were both very happy to take home the CD recordings which we had made for them.  This audios included what they were wanting, their dream journeys and positive tapping along the way.  We heard two months after their visit that their healing and uplifting journey continues to be a support and inspiration to them both. 

Trauma can create distorted writing on the wall of our mind.  We are truly blessed now that we have EFT which erases these misperceptions which limit our lives.  Tapping also has the potential of  reconnecting to our birthright and life enhancing perceptions. 

This is succinctly put by Bruce Lipton PhD., (a cellular microbiologist & Stanford Researcher) when he taught that our perception of life informs our biology.  How our cells respond to life is based on what we believe. “Perceptions” lie between the environment and cell expression. If our perceptions are accurate, the resulting behaviour will be life enhancing. If we operate from “misperceptions,” our behaviour will be inappropriate and will jeopardize our vitality by compromising our health.






In this case the diagnosis was clear – the patient undoubtedly had Muscular Dystrophy (Facioscaulohomeral Muscular Dystrophy to be exact) so I knew what I was dealing with – or did I?  It is never a good idea to accept the diagnosis given by the patient as the problem may often be not the disease but an issue brought up by the disease (eg. Some aspect of living with the disease).

The patient was a man – we shall call him Cecil (not his real name) – in his early 40’s and he had been recently diagnosed by a series of tests, including an EMG (a test for electrical activity in the muscles).  However, he had known the diagnosis for some time as he had seen his father and older brother develop the disease and had been aware of the developing symptoms for a while.

When Cecil arrived at my office he was visibly upset and apologised for the state he was in but did not wish to discuss the cause.  I would have liked to just tap on it, whatever the cause, straight away, but felt that to do so would have lost rapport with my patient so I judged it was appropriate to leave it until later.

I had expected to be working on the physical symptoms or on feelings of guilt or blame for him having the disease (which is inherited genetically in an autosomal dominant pattern).  However, all he wanted to talk about was the poor service he had received when attending his local hospital for diagnosis.  So talk about it we did.  It seemed that the specialist doctor simply told him he had muscular dystrophy – which he already knew – and said that it was untreatable.  The Doctor then handed him a number of leaflets and left.  

Clearly this was a case for EFT.  We did a number of rounds sometimes using the 9-gamut procedure and we covered all aspects of the anger, fear and general feeling of abandonment which stemmed from that diagnosis and the way it was delivered.  We ended up with a use of the Movie Technique covering the whole of Cecil’s interview with the doctor.  By the end of that section of the session we had completely reframed the situation and were laughing about the doctor who probably knew no more about the disease than his patient and was embarrassed by not being able to offer any help or solution.

The patient was happy and the job was done – or was it? 

I remembered the state he was in when he arrived, so that was the time to bring the matter up again.  “What was the problem earlier this evening?”, I asked.  “Oh! It was that petrol station attendant who thought I was an idiot”, he answered smiling.

This form of muscular dystrophy affects the muscles of the face and Cecil was having difficulty pronouncing some words, especially those containing sibilants.  He had used Petrol Pump 6, but had been unable to say the number of the pump when asked and the attendant had treated him as a mentally deficient fool.  This had reminded him of his interview with the doctor.  All the fear, anger and feelings of abandonment had welled up inside him. Our session had cleared the root cause of those feelings and he could now talk openly about it without emotion.  This was an excellent test that the session had really cleared the root problem completely.

However, Cecil still could not say “Six”. So we worked on that.  I used the set up statement “Even though I cannot say ‘Six’ I am quite normal and can fully and completely accept myself anyway”.  I then continued tapping randomly around his points rambling on with such phrases as “I cannot say ‘six’ “ I do not care if I can say ‘six’ or not. I will just do the best I can and say ‘six’

Of course Cecil could not actually say ‘Six”, but got as close to it as he could and we laughed and laughed.  However, as we tapped on his pronunciation of ‘Six’ became clearer and clearer, and he was actually shouting, “Six, six, six ,six”, with me when he suddenly realized he could actually say it clearly.  Other words he had difficulty with were his name – ‘Cecil’ and ‘Christmas’.  Soon I had him shouting, “Cecil will be sixty six at Christmas”.  Not true but clearly annunciated!

It was clear that the nervous tension of ‘knowing’ he would trip over words containing sibilants was making his pronunciation more difficult and EFT was the ideal tool to calm that tension.  I sent him happily away with the short cut of ‘under the eye – collar bone – under the arm’ to use should he feel the tension building up again, but he was happily making up silly phrases with words loaded with sibilants just to show he could say them.



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