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Energy Therapy World-Wide Net               www.Energy-Therapists.net

Register of Qualified Hypnotherapists         www.general-hypnotherapy-register.com

Alliance of Registered Homeopaths             www.arh.org

North American Society of Homeopaths       www.homeopathy.org

Society of Homeopaths (UK)                     www.homeopathy-soh.org.uk

EFT-Universe                                          www.eftuniverse.com

EFT Masters' Website                            www.eftmaster.co.uk

Energy Psychology Interactive                  www.EnergyPsychologyInteractive.com

Kevin Hogan's Hypnotherapy Site               www.kevinhogan.com

Emotional Freedom Techniques                  www.emofree.com

Be Set Free Fast                                    www.BeSetFreeFast.com

AAC Hypnotherapy Training                      www.training-hypnotherapy.co.uk